Been neglecting my Blog…I’m feeling so lazy whenever it comes to blogging…Recaps on the recent happenings:

Finali may comes to an end & i’ve hit my challenge, my effort has not gone to waste after i got all this:

Warning : (Pls do not drool!! )

Wahaha…So freaking hapi, can u c how much i got in total? Ans : $1070

Another $200 taka vouchers has yet to come in for the May & June Titanium challenge tt i’ve hit And i’m aiming for another $600 taka vouchers coming in for the mth of June but it’s quite critical…Watever, i’ll go crazy if i nv hit it so tml i shall throw all e apps i have….Die die oso must hit!! Pray hard all e EC will get approve….If reali can hit the $600 also, total vouchers i’ll have $1870 & maybe i’ll  consider pampering myself with a gucci bag…Talking abt bag, Shiqi has flew to Milan ytd, reali hope she can managed to get e prada bag i want over der, Ion prada is not selling the black animore…

And, after thinking for a long time, i’ve decided to invest in a  gd pair of pumps. As most of the pumps i bought, it makes my soles so painful after a whole day of standing during work…So e 1st thing tt comes in my mind was “CROCS.” Cos whichever shopping mall i went to tt have crocs outlet, i’ll always c more den 5 ppl carrying crocs paper bag walking ard e mall…So in my mind was “Is crocs reali tt comfortable & popular?” Therefore, i went to the outlet to check it out, indeed when i put my leg into the pump, i love it as the shoe was so light. But nevertheless, i was SO WRONG. I got blisters bhind my legs on the 2nd day & my whole front part of legs were feeling so painful tt i can hardly walk & was walking like a cripple. Phew! i wasted my $57,  initially it was $64 cos tt day i was working in vivo too so i was able to get 10% off…Seriously, i’m so piss off to find a gd pair of pumps tt will reali fit me n i wun feel painful after wearing for a whole day…I dun wish to buy & ended up throwing in my shoe cabinet & not wearing….Now i dun care how much the shoe is worth as long as i can get a gd pair of pumps,  i think is worth it..But e pain always come after u got the shoes home & started wearing for a day….When i tried at the outlet, der wun b such pro cos is onli trying for 1 min..Am i right to say that??

Enough of my complaints, sth for me to look forward to is our 2nd Bangkok Trip as well as Dear’s Bday trip on July 8 to 12. Both of us agreed that this mth seems to b a long mth…..N tis time round, we booked Amari watergate, though i always feel that der’s no need to book expensive hotels as normali we’ll b out whole day till night but my bf ‘s thinking is different, he felt tt once in a while, we need to pamper ourselves since we work so hard &  go on a trip, we shd stay in luxury…He’s also v.particular in the room & bed….Most of the time, he’ll be falling asleep in bed faster den me when we’re at hotel…I always complained tt his purpose on vacation is to SLEEP.

The room we will be staying @…

E nice swimming pool…Will i have time for swimming?

Even the hotel spa, Sivara have such a big jaccuzi pool…I cant wait to hop into into it as the hotel is offering us:

Each package includes:

Fruit and Flowers in Room :
Fresh flowers and seasonal fruit basket set up in room upon arrival.
Welcome Drink :
Refreshing drink upon arrival.
Free Late Check-out until 16:00 hrs :
Keep your room until 16:00 hrs on departure day.
Food and Beverage Credit Value :
Food and Beverage credit at the value of THB 500.- per stay
Spa & Salon Credit :
Complimentary cash credit of THB 1,000.- per stay for treatments and services at Sivara Spa and Sivara Salon.
4 Days Wi-Fi Package :
Unlimited wifi internet access for 4 days. Username and password are provided upon check-in.


Tis time round, we’ll also be bringing dear’s mini laptop & i’ll be bringing polaroid camera der too…I’m getting excited the more i type even though i’ve went bk for a few times but every vacation trip makes me a hapi ger….


FREE Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion trial pack sample

I believe for those who have frequent Watsons often like me, u must have noticed that there is this new Japanese brand Hada Labo added on the shelves. For those who have never heard of this brand before, u may want to find out more, over here


Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion

  • Instantly hydrates skin and helps preserves its optimum moisture balance
  • Replenishes & locks in moisture for complete hydration. Skin feels significantly soft & supple.
  • Helps improve dry & dehydrated skin
  • Skin PH balanced. Low irritation
  • Free of frangrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant

Directions: Apply on face twice a day after cleansing ur face. Apply on palms or cotton wool & gently pat on ur face until thoroughly absorbed.

Seems like a wonderful toner right? And Good news to all of you who are reading now!!

There’s currently a promotion for a FREE Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion trial pack sample here. Simply register at this form and the trial pack will be mailed to you absolutely free. Wat’s more, You don’t even have to pay for postage. So no harm trying right? I have registered for mine! (: If you have not, it is not to late to register now!

An afternoon at Mdm Wong’s Shelter

It was a lovely sat!! I wake up dragging myself to go to Tampines Market to work . Was so angry in e morning, reached the carpark at 945 am, as usual it was pack with cars, finali i on my hazard light n waited for some1 to come  to get his car but der was tis idiot who simply have no fucking manners,  just came behind me & st away park into it….WTF!! Nvm cos another person came walking to get his car next to the lot initially i wanted to park so i assume maybe he c the guy coming to get his car so i can get tt lot…At least i’m stil not tt angry when i saw tis but when i drive forward abit to let e car move out, der was another freaking idiot who did e same thing to me despite me reversing, he just act blur n park in n went off….Tis Guys r reali super ungentleman, they r not fit to b a man..They simply dun have e manners…..*Phew* talking abt tis makes my blood boil….
I went off at 1 pm to pasir ris to do a courier specially to a cm cos i forgotten to do it on fri. I’m glad i went specially to the cm house to courier to let him sign cos if not i dun think he will sign fr the courier cos he asked me lots of questions and even told me “Huh 2 yrs free? i tot is free for life….” Tot tot tot, i reali dun understand y alot of cms r like tt, i did told him on e fone is 2 yrs free n yet he can tel me al tis so i explained to him tt it’s diff fr e current card he’s holding & he can tell me “Den is none of my business wat ? ” If e bank want give me additional cards, shd give me free for life wat…Luckily, his wife was a nicer person compare to him, his wife said “2 yrs later just call to cancel la, is it tt hard?” *Kudos to e wife who said out wat my mind r thinking…*
Den i drove off to pasir ris farmway 2, mdm wong’s shelter after seeing the facebook abt how pitiful the dogs are…Der are alot of cats, 50% more stray cats den the dogs….N mostly al e dogs are mongrels…Tis is e 1st time in my life i ever get in touch with so many stray & i realised they are not as fierce as wat i think…THey r al playful & friendly just like normal dogs…
E cats shelter..I do not dare to step in to the cat’s shelter…

And this 2 dogs are mdm wong’s precious dogs, both are also rescue dogs…This poor shin tzu is being abandon by dog owner …And has since been living with mdm wong for 4 yrs…He reminds me of my precious QF..

Super active Mini Pinscher loves to play ball..Was previously being abused by an indian lady & thus lost trust in humans when she just arrived to mdm wong shelter & whoever who touched her will get bitten by her but the nice volunteers did not give up, they use towels to wrap their hands first b4 they sayang her thus when she bite, they cant feel e pain & slowly, she start to trust human back again. But the volunteers told me that she still barks n gets agitated when she c black skin…

Volunteers helping mdm wong to prepare all the dogs dinner

Veri Wei Da de mdm wong…She sold her hse to set up the shelter…W/o her, there wun be so much stray dogs still alive…The dogs & cats will be so grateful to mdm wong….

Esde ppl presenting a bottle of Esde shampoo to Mdm Wong..

For those who have no ideas abt mdm wong, can take a look over here :!/pages/Mdm-Wongs-Shelter/312804877843


Now, is the important part:

Wanting to lend a helping hand for the dog.  Help Mdm Wong’s Shelter get donations! U can do so now….

Go to Esde page :!/pages/ESDES-THE-TOP-CHOICE-OF-GROOMERS-SHAMPOO/106790759355646?ref=mf    click Like.

For Those with dogs, pls submit photo of dog+owner, MWS get $2 cash and $2 worth of product.
Photo with dog+owner+bottle of Esde’s shampoo, MWS get $4 cash and
$4 worth of product. Please sent photo using your FB email address and FB name to:

Also, Esde’s giving A 30% E voucher for their fans. Details on Esde’s fan page.

Thanx for helping!!

I went off at 4 pm & b4 i left, i went to Ericsson Pet Farm to find girl girl, the golden retriever…

Hajime: Thailand’s first Japanese robot restaurant

Ytd i watched the news & happened to come across that actuali Bangkok has this robot restaurant located at Monopoly Park called Hajime restaurant. This got me tempted to search for more info as i’ll b gg Bangkok next mth.

This 30-million-baht Japanese restaurant, of which its selling point is four imported robots (two work at the front of the house, two in the kitchen), has been stormed by the local media ever since it opened a few weeks ago during April.

Hajime offers choices of Japanese-style barbecue, shabu shabu and sukiyaki, together with a decent collection of sushi, sashimi, deep-fried items, noodles and rice and salad which you can enjoy as much as you want within a limited time. Here, the ordinary line of buffet called ”business class” is priced 359 baht, while ”first class”, in which diners can browse and choose from a more extensive and premium variety, costs 599 baht per person.

DIY tabletop BBQ

Signature Hajime roll can be ordered in the ala carte menu too…

For buffet, 

Buffet diners here have 105 minutes to enjoy their meal. The clock on their screen started running as soon as customers placed their ”online” order (supposedly to the robots). Dressed in samurai costumes, the two robots, programmed by Thai programmers, travel on a rail to deliver food to the guest’s tables. Yet, don’t expect them to suggest dishes or listen to your complaints. Though, besides delivering food, they also dance to the Wonder Girls’s Nobody to entertain their guests, these 6-feet tall, ever-smiling robots aren’t allowed to talk.

Robot @ work

Touch screen Menu that comes with English, thai & Japanese language.

Lastly, the location of this wonderful restaurant that everyone are tempted to go:

Hapi Bday to my Milky Boi!!

My Notti But adorable Milky Boi turns 3 today!!

Happy Bday to him, Sf’s Panda & their sister, Pinky!!

(“v”) them lots lots!!

Milky boy, mummy loves u more as each day passes…hope u can stay healthily everyday & be less jumpy!!


Fri 28th May 2010

Was mad pissed by my part timer early morning…I informed her ytd tt i’ll be late for work cos i need to meet my cm b4 tt & asked her not to be late for work & set up the booth first. 11 am-she called me saying she cant find the booth so i told her maybe u can asked the ikea ppl where is the booth, i believe they will know. & i suppose she shd know where the booth is cos previously she used to b a part timer for us.  She replied me “Dun 1 la, i’ll look like a retard if i ask them.” So i helped her to check out from my colleagues & was informed that the booth is actuali kept somewhere near the store, need to push out.”

Me :” i know where our booth is at, in the storeroom, pls push out & set up 1st.”

She: ” I think i wait for u to come better , i’ll look so retarded pushing e booth.”

Me:” Can u set up the booth first & not wait for me? i told u i’ll be late & mgt will complain if no 1 set up the booth on time…Who will think u’re a retard & y bother abt wat ppl thinks? i’ve been pushing e booth al this while…

She :” But do u know how big the booth is? N ikea ppl cant b bother with me…”

She: ”  U shd come & see e booth, der’s like nth inside.”

Me: “U mean no app in the drawer? Ok in tt case, wait for me while i rush over.”

She: “I just texted Success, i’m leaving already. So ridiculous! ”

Wat kind of attitude is tis!! Actuali, i think is gd tt she leave cos i already intended to report this part timer to my manager abt how retarded she think ppl will c her as when i asked her to set up the booth. If care so much abt face, y still come to work?  小妹妹 r reali 小妹妹 ….I think most of the part timer our bank employ al r not responsible in their work, i think mainly cos they r onli taking hourly pay so they dun reali bother to help us serve our cm sincerely…

In e end, i reached my booth & i found our booth, yes our counter was big but there’s 4 wheel below & i push it easily to the other end…Der’s like many ppl looking at me when i push e booth but who cares…I mean ppl c, surely wun think how retarded i m wat, mainly is to avoid getting knock by me when i push e booth & also out of curiosity in what i’m pushing i suppose…Settled everything b4 i texted my manager to inform him abt the whole process…

I cant wait to go to the salon to colour my hair with jamie next week when i got my pay, 1st mth of starting work pay is reali always so pathetic…My robinson bill itself already took off my whole mth of bill….cos my hair is like a bunch of shit now..totalli hate my hair now, i change my parting bcos many of my frens said if i dun change parting, my parting will b more n more spread out which result in hair loss thus i’ve got no choice but to change…Secondly, i have yet to receive my loreal shampoo n treatment fr my fren so my hair is so dry n frizzy….Most likely, i’m bringing Jamie to Essensuals, is Toni & Guy’s younger sister brand to try out….Hopefully it’ll be gd!! Wil update again!!

I’m back

Spider webs everywhere!!! Have been so lazy to update my blog as after my work everyday, i’ll be lazing in my comfortable bed watching tw drama…Currently i’m watching “my queen” tt sf lend me…Update of my life recently: Love my new job, new colleagues, benefits…But hates telesales till 930pm, hates CCP…Enjoy the company of my colleagues, Lawrence who is always disturbed by me but nv fails to help me to do things whenever i needed his help, Louis, who likes to di siao me, Kai Bin, his non stop nonsence & jokes &  his lies, Kevin who is so gd to send me to & fro work at times when he drive & helping me in things when i’m unsure,  Adelene who is always so fan, in rs to shout my name loudly whenever she serve a cm, Cassie who loves to do silly stuffs & tell me interesting stuffs, Eugene who is at office telesales w me most of e time, guiding & teaching me alot of things when i’m still unsure of e SIBs & courier & chatting w me in his english language…N lastly, Zy who always rushed me to go home or lunch when i’m still dilly dally in office…haha…

Tis mth challenge is oso so attractive, double up the taka voucher plus 1st row of jay zhou tix for 1 of the agent who get 200 titanium approve in 3 mths…Al tis motivates me to strive for more sales…The voucher i get tis mth is 100 x more den wat i received fr UOB during my 2 yrs der…Sounds kinda pathetic right..haha…

Recaps for the impt events i’ve missed updating :

My close frens 1 by 1 are all married…

First, let me start with Natalie & ZhiWei’s wedding on the 5th Dec 09:

I shall begin with 2 of their wedding fotos fr e wedding album 1st:

E brothers:

As usual, jie meis @ work:

Gatecrash activity:

Finali get the bride:

A pic of nat’s parents b4 leaving:

Bride & Groom:

Funny shot of us:

Al the jie meis with bride:

Marching in:

Nat is now officially a Mrs

Family photo:

Champange pouring:

Last shot with the jie mei:

Next will be SF & Kevin’s ROM at crowne plaza hotel on 21st Feb 2010:

Exchanging rings:

SF with her family:

Throwing the flower:

Me with bride & groom:


Next will be SF & kevin’s actual day on 10th April 2010:

My pretty Sis:

Me with SF:


Finali, got the bride:

Touching scene:

Me & SF with the GTR wedding car:

The jie mei men:

The Brothers:

Sweeeeetttttt :

Fang in Kua:

Wedding night:

Dear & Me:

The stage:

Wedding table shot:

Hereby, A big congrats to both my pretty sis….May e 2 couples be bless with “Xin Fu” everyday!!