The Lazy Me…

Spider webs r forming up on my blog….As usual, I’ve lost the interest in blogging again…So here shall be some updates on what’s happening, not much change in me but on my frens perhaps:

Sis Nat give birth to Prince Jayrius Leow on 9th June 2010 @ KKWH :

Finali Jayrius is out!!


The happy Leow Family..

Jayrius’s a v.cheerful BB, on his 3rd mth….

Sis Sf give birth to a cute baby Boy too, Jacus on 8th Sept  @ TMH:

Finali, Jacus is here to c the world…

Nurse weighing him…

Jacus is clean n slping comfortably now after cleaning up..

E proud daddy, Kevin…

Back Home!!

And Qy’s 2nd Bb Boy turning 1:

Did u all notice sth, all e 3 Boys name start with the Letter “J” ?

Happy 1st bday to javier!!

The Happy Lim Family…

Me, Pauline, Qy & his son, Javier.

Have been attending lots of bb shower n bb’s bday or if not wedding…

One by one, my frens r getting married and having their own family with kids..N most of my gal frens r all married…I’m gg to have lesser frens to acc me as they will need to spend time on their family….Sometimes i feel sad when i think abt it…

Just a thought. Sometimes I wonder when will it be my turn? I hope i wun be e last to get marry among al my gal frens….Haha..if not i’l be so lonely…

Not that I’m eager to get married… but it’s just a stage in life that everyone will  have to go through. Especially now that I have reached the age whereby everyone is asking me the same question, “When are you getting ROM with ur bf huh?!” And my reply is always ” Wait till HDB give us a flat. ” Ok enough of al this. Lastly,

Our dearest Ade finali turn 21 after so long:

The Hapi her!!

My present for her : The biggest bday cake she said she has ever received…

My ocbc colleagues!!

Recently, i’m gg swimming every wk n i’ve found a swimming Kaki finali after so long tt is my best sister, pauline n amberly…Having some1 to swim n go with u is reali v.different, now i’m every wk looking forward to my off day to meet up w them….My Determination to exercise oso went up w a kaki to acc me..Now, we r thinking of going to some yoga classes or kickboxing…Aiyo…so looking forward!!

It seems like me & Dear v.long nv meet up for an outing or shopping trip due to our diff off day n his busy work schedule….But nevertheless, our heart still remains the same…Wil nv fails to receive his gd night call to update abt our daily lives..Nov will know the result of our balloting of bal flats results…Although is onli 66 chances out of 1219 ppl, i still pray hard we’re the lucky one who wil got it…


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