Today is the day that i miss her even more…My drearest Qf …Today’s her bday….

八月八日 = 宝贝 = 88

Wondering y her bday falls on such a nice date cos no 1 knows when is her bday last time when i have her, tt’s such a pathetic thing & i cant let her be with me w/o a bday so i decided to set her bday on 8 of Aug, 88 which stands for 宝贝.

Dearest baby, u’re not forgotten even though u’ve gone for more den 3 mths…Mummy still loves & misses u as much….Thanx for coming into my dream almost every week so that i can sayang u…Wondering how r u now?  Where r u now?  This r my tots whenever i think of u…Baby, i misses u so much…..U will nv b forgotten & guess wat, u’re so popular even till now the neighbours, groomer who c me, they’ll always asked me ” Where’s QF?” ….  =)


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