Bkk Day 1

The long awaited short trip finali arrived…

Took an evening flight & when i reached the airport, i purchased a fruit smoothie drink which cost abt S$4 onli….v.yummy

Our Grand deluxe room….So nice!! E bed is super comfy, i realised 5 star hotels the bed always v.high n super comfy…As wat we always said “一分钱一分货 .”

E  comfy sofa, this can slp 1 person too..

So thoughtful of the hotel to put 2 baisins so we need not take turns to brush teeth, can brush together…

E seperate shower area with toilet seat….Above the toilet seat was the tv speaker & 1st day when dear went bk to the room & turn on the tv, i was standing near the toilet packing my stuffs when suddenly i heard an ang moh sound saying “Hello, anybody?” Ny hair al stood up, i ran quickly to dear & told him der’s some1 in the toilet & he told me no la is tv sound but i kept insisted him to check out the toilet & he realised that on top of the toilet bowl actuali have a speaker. N he laughed at me….

The bathtub, i love soaking in the bathtub, i always wil check b4 i book the hotel if der’s a bathtub.

I wrote an email to the hotel staff to prepare a bday cake for me that i’m gg to pay & reminded that many times it’s meant to b a surprise so put in the fridge b4 we check in to the hotel but still, when i check in to our room, the bday cak was on the table. Ok nvm, i shall not make a big fuss abt it, at least they nv 4got the cake.

Went to samphan phut right after we checked in & saw this cute dog digging when i was der & it reminded me of “darling qing fang.” Dear jokingly said “Eh, Qf, since when u tou tai to bcum a bkk dog?” Haha…n it nv fails to make me luff…

When we went bk to the hotel, it was already past midnight. When he was still showering after me, i prepared the candles n lit it up b4 he came out. I sang a bday song for him…

Make a wish….

Cutting cake….Hapi bday to u my dear!! Love u deep deep as each yr pass…

And his all time fav to order room service & enjoy dinner in the room…Look at my hungry boy cant wait to eat…


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