Welcoming Twinkle, the new family member of Pauline & Simon..

Was so excited for pauline when she & simon have decided to get a puppy. I love dogs alot thus was so excited to c her dog & to share some of the dog stuffs with pauline….To me, every dog is cute in its own way, a dog is just like a companion & a soulmate, they are just like humans, have feelings too….Now, we shall present the babygirl Shih Tzu, “Twinkle,” e name is nice right? given by amberly…

Her cage…

Amberly is so hapi…

Love tis pic…Thanx to pauline for taking such a nice pic of me though my face is bare w/o any make up!!

I love slacking @ her house, chit chatting with her, talking & luffing abt everything under the sun, it makes me remind me of the past tt how close we are. I’m so glad till now, even she have her own family, we’re still as close….We waited for Simon to come bk & have his dinner b4 we headed to compass point together to buy a toy for twinkle to bite for her itchy teeth & some snacks…Am so hapi for pauline, i can feel her family “Xinfu-ness,” having a doting husband & a lovely daughter…They started eveything up & i can c tt it’s not easy till wat they have today….At tt point of time, i was wondering to myself, when will i be like her, to start a family of my own?? i guess still got 3 more yrs to go….


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