Been neglecting my Blog…I’m feeling so lazy whenever it comes to blogging…Recaps on the recent happenings:

Finali may comes to an end & i’ve hit my challenge, my effort has not gone to waste after i got all this:

Warning : (Pls do not drool!! )

Wahaha…So freaking hapi, can u c how much i got in total? Ans : $1070

Another $200 taka vouchers has yet to come in for the May & June Titanium challenge tt i’ve hit And i’m aiming for another $600 taka vouchers coming in for the mth of June but it’s quite critical…Watever, i’ll go crazy if i nv hit it so tml i shall throw all e apps i have….Die die oso must hit!! Pray hard all e EC will get approve….If reali can hit the $600 also, total vouchers i’ll have $1870 & maybe i’ll  consider pampering myself with a gucci bag…Talking abt bag, Shiqi has flew to Milan ytd, reali hope she can managed to get e prada bag i want over der, Ion prada is not selling the black animore…

And, after thinking for a long time, i’ve decided to invest in a  gd pair of pumps. As most of the pumps i bought, it makes my soles so painful after a whole day of standing during work…So e 1st thing tt comes in my mind was “CROCS.” Cos whichever shopping mall i went to tt have crocs outlet, i’ll always c more den 5 ppl carrying crocs paper bag walking ard e mall…So in my mind was “Is crocs reali tt comfortable & popular?” Therefore, i went to the outlet to check it out, indeed when i put my leg into the pump, i love it as the shoe was so light. But nevertheless, i was SO WRONG. I got blisters bhind my legs on the 2nd day & my whole front part of legs were feeling so painful tt i can hardly walk & was walking like a cripple. Phew! i wasted my $57,  initially it was $64 cos tt day i was working in vivo too so i was able to get 10% off…Seriously, i’m so piss off to find a gd pair of pumps tt will reali fit me n i wun feel painful after wearing for a whole day…I dun wish to buy & ended up throwing in my shoe cabinet & not wearing….Now i dun care how much the shoe is worth as long as i can get a gd pair of pumps,  i think is worth it..But e pain always come after u got the shoes home & started wearing for a day….When i tried at the outlet, der wun b such pro cos is onli trying for 1 min..Am i right to say that??

Enough of my complaints, sth for me to look forward to is our 2nd Bangkok Trip as well as Dear’s Bday trip on July 8 to 12. Both of us agreed that this mth seems to b a long mth…..N tis time round, we booked Amari watergate, though i always feel that der’s no need to book expensive hotels as normali we’ll b out whole day till night but my bf ‘s thinking is different, he felt tt once in a while, we need to pamper ourselves since we work so hard &  go on a trip, we shd stay in luxury…He’s also v.particular in the room & bed….Most of the time, he’ll be falling asleep in bed faster den me when we’re at hotel…I always complained tt his purpose on vacation is to SLEEP.

The room we will be staying @…

E nice swimming pool…Will i have time for swimming?

Even the hotel spa, Sivara have such a big jaccuzi pool…I cant wait to hop into into it as the hotel is offering us:

Each package includes:

Fruit and Flowers in Room :
Fresh flowers and seasonal fruit basket set up in room upon arrival.
Welcome Drink :
Refreshing drink upon arrival.
Free Late Check-out until 16:00 hrs :
Keep your room until 16:00 hrs on departure day.
Food and Beverage Credit Value :
Food and Beverage credit at the value of THB 500.- per stay
Spa & Salon Credit :
Complimentary cash credit of THB 1,000.- per stay for treatments and services at Sivara Spa and Sivara Salon.
4 Days Wi-Fi Package :
Unlimited wifi internet access for 4 days. Username and password are provided upon check-in.


Tis time round, we’ll also be bringing dear’s mini laptop & i’ll be bringing polaroid camera der too…I’m getting excited the more i type even though i’ve went bk for a few times but every vacation trip makes me a hapi ger….


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