An afternoon at Mdm Wong’s Shelter

It was a lovely sat!! I wake up dragging myself to go to Tampines Market to work . Was so angry in e morning, reached the carpark at 945 am, as usual it was pack with cars, finali i on my hazard light n waited for some1 to come  to get his car but der was tis idiot who simply have no fucking manners,  just came behind me & st away park into it….WTF!! Nvm cos another person came walking to get his car next to the lot initially i wanted to park so i assume maybe he c the guy coming to get his car so i can get tt lot…At least i’m stil not tt angry when i saw tis but when i drive forward abit to let e car move out, der was another freaking idiot who did e same thing to me despite me reversing, he just act blur n park in n went off….Tis Guys r reali super ungentleman, they r not fit to b a man..They simply dun have e manners…..*Phew* talking abt tis makes my blood boil….
I went off at 1 pm to pasir ris to do a courier specially to a cm cos i forgotten to do it on fri. I’m glad i went specially to the cm house to courier to let him sign cos if not i dun think he will sign fr the courier cos he asked me lots of questions and even told me “Huh 2 yrs free? i tot is free for life….” Tot tot tot, i reali dun understand y alot of cms r like tt, i did told him on e fone is 2 yrs free n yet he can tel me al tis so i explained to him tt it’s diff fr e current card he’s holding & he can tell me “Den is none of my business wat ? ” If e bank want give me additional cards, shd give me free for life wat…Luckily, his wife was a nicer person compare to him, his wife said “2 yrs later just call to cancel la, is it tt hard?” *Kudos to e wife who said out wat my mind r thinking…*
Den i drove off to pasir ris farmway 2, mdm wong’s shelter after seeing the facebook abt how pitiful the dogs are…Der are alot of cats, 50% more stray cats den the dogs….N mostly al e dogs are mongrels…Tis is e 1st time in my life i ever get in touch with so many stray & i realised they are not as fierce as wat i think…THey r al playful & friendly just like normal dogs…
E cats shelter..I do not dare to step in to the cat’s shelter…

And this 2 dogs are mdm wong’s precious dogs, both are also rescue dogs…This poor shin tzu is being abandon by dog owner …And has since been living with mdm wong for 4 yrs…He reminds me of my precious QF..

Super active Mini Pinscher loves to play ball..Was previously being abused by an indian lady & thus lost trust in humans when she just arrived to mdm wong shelter & whoever who touched her will get bitten by her but the nice volunteers did not give up, they use towels to wrap their hands first b4 they sayang her thus when she bite, they cant feel e pain & slowly, she start to trust human back again. But the volunteers told me that she still barks n gets agitated when she c black skin…

Volunteers helping mdm wong to prepare all the dogs dinner

Veri Wei Da de mdm wong…She sold her hse to set up the shelter…W/o her, there wun be so much stray dogs still alive…The dogs & cats will be so grateful to mdm wong….

Esde ppl presenting a bottle of Esde shampoo to Mdm Wong..

For those who have no ideas abt mdm wong, can take a look over here :!/pages/Mdm-Wongs-Shelter/312804877843


Now, is the important part:

Wanting to lend a helping hand for the dog.  Help Mdm Wong’s Shelter get donations! U can do so now….

Go to Esde page :!/pages/ESDES-THE-TOP-CHOICE-OF-GROOMERS-SHAMPOO/106790759355646?ref=mf    click Like.

For Those with dogs, pls submit photo of dog+owner, MWS get $2 cash and $2 worth of product.
Photo with dog+owner+bottle of Esde’s shampoo, MWS get $4 cash and
$4 worth of product. Please sent photo using your FB email address and FB name to:

Also, Esde’s giving A 30% E voucher for their fans. Details on Esde’s fan page.

Thanx for helping!!

I went off at 4 pm & b4 i left, i went to Ericsson Pet Farm to find girl girl, the golden retriever…


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